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Equality and Human Rights Commission


The Equality and Human Rights Commission exists to protect and promote equality and human rights in Britain.

We stand up for freedom, compassion and justice in changing times. Our work is driven by a simple belief: if everyone gets a fair chance in life, we all thrive.

As we face a future of ever faster and deeper change, we believe that human rights and equality are more important than ever. They are principles with deep roots, built on values we can all recognise – like open-mindedness, respect for human dignity and being fair and decent to one another.

It’s our job to put these important principles into effect, so that everyone in the country can make the most of their rights, everyone can be treated fairly, with dignity and respect, and everyone has the chance to lead a fulfilling life.


We use a range of different tools and techniques to tackle discrimination, disadvantage and human rights abuses. We can shine a light on issues and their causes through inquiries and research. We can support employers and service providers to improve how they work. We can use our unique enforcement powers to require an employer or service provider to act. And we can equip individuals to seek redress, by ensuring they can access good quality legal advice and by supporting legal cases.

Our work reaches every part of England, Scotland and Wales. But we know we can’t do everything and we know we can’t do it alone. That’s why we have to be smart and creative. We have to work in partnership with others. And we have to make tough decisions on where, how and when to spend our time and energy.

Our strategy seeks to ensure that equality and human rights work effectively in Britain to help people live well together, making life safer, happier and more prosperous for all of us.

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