Read: 2022 Kigali Declaration

Delegates at the CFNHRI Biennial Meeting in Kigali, Rwanda have adopted the Kigali Declaration on upholding human rights during a pandemic and other global crises.

Read the declaration

Watch: Three ways to uphold disabled people's rights

This animation is based on the findings of our 2021 report, ‘Protecting disabled people’s rights during COVID-19: good practice from across the Commonwealth’.


Learn: How NHRIs can work with civil society to uphold the human rights of LGBTI+ people

Our factsheet on upholding the human rights of people who face discrimination due to sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics was developed in partnership with the Commonwealth Equality Network.

Read the factsheet

Report: Protecting disabled people's rights during COVID-19

In our latest report, the CFNHRI brings together the growing evidence of how the pandemic and member countries’ responses to it have had a disproportionate impact on disabled people.

Read the report

COVID-19 and Human Rights

Responses to the human rights impact of COVID-19 from National Human Rights Institutions, and other human rights bodies.

Responding to COVID-19

Sport and Human Rights

Sport occupies an important place in all of our lives. It is a key pillar of education that unites us through its promotion of dignity, respect and fair play.

Sport and Human Rights

About the Commonwealth Forum of National Human Rights Institutions

Find out more about us and our network of 46 organisations, all of which have a mandate to protect, promote and improve human rights.


Search this section to find publications, guides and other human rights resources produced for and by National Human Rights Institutions and other human rights bodies.

Joining forces to support disabled people through COVID-19

Human rights institutions across the Commonwealth have come together to stand with disabled people through the COVID-19 pandemic. Read our latest report.

The Commonwealth Forum

We are a network of 46 organisations, including national human rights institutions, ombudsmen and public defenders working in five regions of the world.

About our members

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