National Human Rights Commission


To deal with complaints for breaches of human rights listed in the Constitution and complaints against the Police. The commission was enshrined by the Protection of Human Rights Act 1998 and established on April 2001.


To deal with complaints against violations
To visit places of detention to ensure proper conditions of detention
To carry out awareness raising of human rights

The National Human Rights Commission since 2013 consists of three divisions:

  1. Human Rights Division (HRD)
  2. Police Complaints Division (PCD)
  3. National Preventive Mechanism Division (NPMD)

The Human Rights Division deals with complaints against violations of human rights under Chapter 2 of the Constitution which is based mainly on the European Convention on Human Rights. In 2014, the Human Rights Division has also been empowered to act as a Criminal Cases Review Commission where a person who claims that he has been unjustly convicted by the Supreme Court i.e. for most serious cases like murder, manslaughter, drugs trafficking, may apply to the Human Rights Division for a review. He must show there is enough fresh and compelling evidence which may create a real possibility that his conviction will not be upheld. The Human Rights Division carries out an investigation but has no power to take a decision. It has to refer the case to the Supreme Court which takes the final decision after reviewing the proceedings relating to the conviction.

New Composition of the NHRC Mauritius for 2014-2017

Contact Information



National Human Rights Commission
Postal Address – 2nd Floor,
NPF Building, Port Louis, Mauritius
Tel : (230) 208 2716
Fax : (230) 208 2858

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