Office of the Ombudsman

Office of the Ombudsman


The main function of the Ombudsman is to receive and investigate complaints from aggrieved persons against government agencies and statutory corporations and / or officials and employees of such organisations; and to recommend a remedial action where he finds a complaint justified.


  • To provide efficient, effective, and accessible services to clients so that complaints and grievances against public sector agencies are resolved promptly and in an impartial manner;
  • To review and recommend changes in legislation, by-laws, public policies and in order to resolve existing and prevent future complaints against public sector agencies and parastatal organisations;
  • To develop, implement, and maintain a client driven public awareness programme on fundamental human rights and the rule of law in order to encourage public participation in promoting good governance, respect for and protection of individual rights.
  • To respond, on a timely basis, to individual and/or general public complaints and grievances against public sector agencies and parastatals by conducting independent and own motion investigations in order to promptly recommend remedial action for resolving them and to make follow ups on the resolution of every case;
  • To respond, on a timely basis, to any practices, conditions and tendencies which have a negative impact on the environment or potential to cause degradation of the ecosystem in order to contribute to sustainable management of the environment in Lesotho;
  • To manage the office of the Ombudsman in a transparent, competent and cost-effective manner so that its functions are effectively and efficiently performed, the goal and objectives achieved and the mission fulfill

Contact Information

Website: http://www.ombudsman.org.ls/

Email: omb@ombudsman.gov.ls

The Ombudsman Office
2nd Floor, Moposo House
PO Box 12610
Meseru 100, Lesotho
Tel: (+266)2231 6425
Fax: (+266)2231 0672

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