Knowledge Exchange on Human Rights and Good Governance

01 June 2016

On Wednesday 25th May the CFNHRI organised a knowledge exchange in Belfast at the offices of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (NIHRC), the incumbent chair.

The knowledge exchange was attended by the NHRIs of Belize, Botswana, Great Britain, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Northern Ireland, Samoa, and South Africa, and was chaired by the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The NIHRC talked to its experiences on governance within a National Human Rights Institution (NHRI) and presented its work with the Northern Ireland Civil Service and Ombudsman. Further sessions focused on the work of all the members in attendance in relation to both internal and external governance issues.

The members who came to Belfast then attended the two day international conference on ‘Human Rights – A 21st Century Approach to the work of Ombudsmen’ focused on taking a human rights based approach to complaint handling.

Those in attendance include Vaiai Eteuati, Daniel Morris, George Morara, Oscar Gaselabone, Custodio Duma, Pandelis Gregoriou, Sumedha Dwevedi, Leo Bradley Jr.
(also not pictured were Mark Wright, Virginia McVea, Diana Copper, and David Russell)

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