Office of the Public Defender


The office was established in 16 April 2000 under the Public Defender (Interim) Act 1999. The jurisdiction of the offices focuses on maladministration or allegations of injustice flowing from administrative action of the state or its agents and abuse or infringement of constitutional rights.


The functions includes power to appoint a tribunal to assist in an investigation of a complaint, report to parliament where failure of an agency to comply with recommendation, find representation and legal aid, make recommendations that rule / laws be amended and recommend compensations. The office also associates itself with claims for equitable reparations in the form of direct financial settlement, debt relief, support for programs of poverty eradication, the building or strengthening of democratic institutions and promotion of foreign direct investment and market access.

Contact information

Email: publicdefender@opd.gov.jm

The Public Defender
78 Harbour Street
P.O. Box 695
West Indies

Tel: (876) 922-7089/7090/7109
Fax: (876) 922-9830

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