Equal Participation for CFNHRI Membership

04 April 2019

CFNHRI held its Annual Meeting on Monday 4 March 2019, which resulted in exciting changes for our membership.

As part of a governance review, we have been discussing what changes we need to make to support CFNHRI to best achieve its aims. There has been strong support from the membership to increase inclusivity in the network by ensuring all members are involved in decision making, whilst also supporting members to achieve and maintain A Status accreditation.

The membership decided that all NHRIs in the Commonwealth should be able to participate equally in meetings regardless of the accreditation status of their institution, and voted to adopt a single membership category.

The Forum retains the requirement for the Chair of the Forum to be an A Status institution. These significant changes create an exciting new era for the Forum, providing an effective way to ensure the Forum maintains its influence and credibility, whilst providing an open space for membership participation.

The new Terms of Reference are available here along with the 2019 – 2021 Strategic Plan which was also adopted by the membership.

For more information please contact: commonwealthforum@equalityhumanrights.com

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