The Commonwealth Consensus Statement on Promoting Human Rights in and through Sport

17 December 2020

Commonwealth member countries have unanimously adopted a statement to promote human rights and tackle discrimination at all levels of sport, from community games to elite sporting events. The consensus statement sets out 13 commitments and serves as a guide to protect and promote the human rights of every individual involved in the sport sector.

The CFNHRI adopted the ‘London Declaration on Human Rights and Sport’ in 2018, which is cited in the Commonwealth’s consensus statement.

Each of the Commonwealth’s 54 member countries has committed to combating racism within the sport sector, promoting women’s equality and empowering people with disabilities to participate on an equal basis.

Through the statement, member countries have agreed to implement a zero-tolerance policy towards violence, harassment, abuse and discrimination in sport, while setting up multi-sectoral platforms to respond to human rights violations.

The statement places emphasis on introducing human rights objectives in the life cycle of major sporting events to spur a lasting positive legacy from bidding, planning and procurement to competition delivery.

Download the consensus statement.

Source: The Commonwealth

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