Report on Reforms Regarding Intersex Persons in Kenya

The Taskforce on Policy, Legal, Institutional and Administrative Reforms Regarding Instersex Persons in Kenya was appointed in 2017 to:

  • Compile comprehensive data regarding the number, distribution and challenges of Intersex persons;
  • Undertake comprehensive literature review based on a comparative approach to care, treatment and protection of Intersex persons;
  • Examine the existing policy, institutional, legislative, medical and administrative structures and systems governing Intersex persons;
  • Recommend comprehensive reforms to safeguard the interests of Intersex persons;
  • Develop a prioritised implementation matrix clearly stating the immediate, medium and long term reforms governing the Intersex persons; and
  • Undertake any other activities required for the effective discharge of its mandate.

This finalised report provides a proposed framework for implementing the recommendations made.

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