NHRC Celebrates 25 years

18 October 2018

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi said human rights should not be merely a slogan but part of the nation’s culture and ethos. Speaking at NHRC’s silver jubilee, the Prime Minister praised the work of the Commission which he said had a crucial role in supporting promoting and protecting human rights and supporting the government to progress the Sustainable Development Goals.

Prime Minister Modi announced the release of a commemorative postal stamp celebrating NHRC’s silver jubilee and unveiled a new version of the Commission’s website.

Chairperson Justice Dattu said that the Silver Jubilee provided an opportunity to take stock and re-dedicated efforts to achieving a just and equitable society, and NHRC Secretary-General, Mr. Ambuj Sharma gave an overview of some of the initiatives currently undertaken in areas such as LGBTI and Business and Human Rights.

Days earlier CFNHRI had the privilege of participating at the Commission’s International Conclave which marked the event. This was an important opportunity for human rights activists across the Globe to come together and share experiences and expertise. In addition, the Forum and other guests were invited to attend an evening organised by NHRC India which celebrated Indian culture through dance, music and cuisine. A fantastic celebration of the NHRC India’s Silver Jubilee.

We are grateful to the kind hospitality of NHRC India and others, including Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, for hosting us and taking the time to discuss how we can all work together to protect, promote and advance human rights across the Commonwealth.

Source: National Human Rights Commission

Image credit: National Human Rights Commission

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