Action plan for tackling harassment in hospitality businesses published by Britain’s EHRC

13 May 2022
Photo of young man speaking to a young woman in a cafe/bar

Britain’s Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has released guidance for the hospitality sector to prevent harassment being ‘just part of the job’ for staff working in cafes, bars and restaurants.

The report from the EHRC defines sexual harassment as “anything that violates someone’s dignity or makes them feel intimidated, degraded, humiliated offended or like they are in a hostile environment”.

Safety and preventative advice is included in the guidance, along with guidance on how to deal with customers who repeatedly behave inappropriately around staff. This practical resource has been produced in response to reports that ‘more than half of women and two thirds of LGBT people experiencing workplace sexual harassment’, with the problem being acute within the hospitality sector.

The checklist will be promoted by the leading sector body UKHospitality and the full guidance plan can be found here: Preventing sexual harassment at work: checklist and action plan

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