The Law of Inclusion and Practices of Exclusion

04 October 2021

The UN independent expert on sexual orientation and gender identity issued two reports in response to increasing stigmatisation of people based on their gender identity and expression in the public sphere.

Reports on Gender: The Law of Inclusion and Practices of Exclusion

Part one, “The Law of Inclusion”, covers:

  • how gender identity and expression are protected under international human rights law
  • gender-based and intersectional approaches to examining discrimination
  • the power imbalances that arise from how sex is understood in society

Part two, “Practices of Exclusion”, covers:

  • responses to the incorporation of gender frameworks in international human rights
  • exclusionary narratives and actions related to gender and gender identity

Read the summary report (3.5mb, PDF)

Read “The Law of Exclusion” (373kb, PDF)

Read “Practices of Exclusion” (462kb, PDF)

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