Making Rights-Respecting Business Decisions in a COVID-19 World

30 May 2020

This resource aims to provide companies across the globe with a set of practical and immediately applicable approaches to better understand rising human rights risks related to the pandemic and how to make rights-respecting business decisions in response.

Everywhere, human rights are at risk from the impacts of COVID-19. People around the world fear for their life and health, livelihoods, civil liberties and privacy. At the same time, many businesses are facing existential threats, as they seek to survive or adapt to a new and unprecedented reality. As they make painful decisions, companies need to bring precision thinking to how their choices will impact the lives of people that work for, depend on, or are otherwise connected to their business.

This resource outlines five practical approaches to making rights-respecting business decisions:

1. Applying the lens of “vulnerability” to prioritise action

2. Involving relevant stakeholders in critical decision-making processes

3. Using leverage with governments on policy responses

4. Communicating clearly about your actions

5. Having honest discussions about risks in the business model

Source: Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

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