• To be an inclusive forum for networking and sharing of experiences, information, knowledge and ‘best practices’ among Commonwealth National Human Rights Institutions and members;
  • To promote and facilitate strategic partnership and linkages between National Human Rights Institutions and other regional and international bodies;
  • To support the development and promotion of compliance with the Paris Principles, recognising the Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions' (GANHRI) accreditation process, and support and encourage the establishment of Paris Principles-compliant NHRIs in Commonwealth member countries;
  • To coordinate and allow for collective (consensus-based) expressions of support, encouragement or concern, in relation to particular events and developments affecting Commonwealth National Human Rights Institutions individually or collectively, for the better defence and promotion of human rights;
  • To promote increased interaction with Commonwealth Heads of Government, principally through the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting process;
  • To complement and support the work of Human Rights Unit in promoting human rights in the Commonwealth.