• To be an inclusive forum for networking and sharing of experiences, information, knowledge and ‘best practices’ among C-NHRIs;
  • To promote and facilitate strategic partnership and linkages between C-NHRIs themselves and between C-NHRIs and other regional and international bodies dealing with NHRIs;
  • To support the development and promotion of compliance with the Paris Principlestaking into account the ICC accreditation process, including through encouraging and supporting the process towards establishment of Paris Principles-compliant NHRIs in Commonwealth member countries;
  • To coordinate and allow for collective (consensus-based) expressions of support, encouragement or concern, in relation to particular events and developments affecting C-NHRIs individually or collectively, for the better defence and promotion of human rights;
  • To promote increased interaction with Commonwealth Heads of Government, principally through the CHOGM process;
  • To complement and support the work of HRU in promoting human rights in the Commonwealth.